Last night, i was just arrived at my home from my college. And i saw a document which i thought it was my auntie’s. I read it and realized that’s mine. and that document sent by Visit Korea. OH MY GOD!!

How can i got that document?

i’m one of the winners from Visit Korea Year Official Fanpage’s March Giveaway and the present i got is a FREE KOREA PASS PREPAID TRAVEL CARD which valid until 2016. Let me tell you the story how i can be the winner.

The Story . . . 

firstly, i was about helped to answer a questions from member of Korea Tourism Organization (Indonesia) fanpage. I clicked here, clicked there and here i were

I read that Visit Korea would  ask about travel route we were satisfied the most (or we hope to visit the most). They’ll ask 12 random question about travel route at Korea and of course they’ll give a present as a gift, since it’s a giveaway. I was so excited when i read that. I was waited, waited and waited when will they ask their giveaway questions.

And then, here we are… The first question, and my answer . . .

Visit Korea :

‎[February Giveaway Question: PLAN YOUR TRIP !]
Hello everyone, are you ready to answer our February Giveaway Questions? 
We will start with an easy question, first. 
Q1: Which season is the best to travel in Korea (or in what season do you want to visit Korea)? Spring (Mar.- May), Summer (Jun. – Aug.), Fall (Sep. – Nov.) or Winter (Dec. – Feb.)? Don’t forget to giive us the reason for your answer~ 🙂

My Answer : 

actually i want to visit korea in all seasons, but if there’s only one i can choose, i’ll choose FALL..because i’ve seen so many pictures of my friends who already visited korea in fall season. and it’s definitely AMAZING, ADORABLE, and …. oh, i can’t describe it anymore, you know.. we can’t describe, critic, and/or comment at god’s creation 😉

and here’s the winners announcement

ouch, there’s no my name 😦 but congrats to  Ophelle Villegas, Tania Zheng, Erica Hur, Daniela Williams-Fontanez, and Maria Margareta for your free 4GB USB decorated with Korean print

Don’t be sad, because there’s 11 Giveaway questions more (^.^)9

Visit Korea :

Today’s February Giveaway Question : Name three cities or regions you are dying to visit (or revisit). and please explain your selection.

My Answer :

 ‎1. Jeju >> BECAUSE IT’S JEJU~ no other place like jeju.. wonderful island ^^
2. Seoul >> because i can feel the modern city and the historic cultural at the same time ^^
3. Busan >> same like seoul, but in busan, we can feel the city and the sea together ^^

The winners are . . .

not me again 😦 congrats to Nicole Shin-Ae Ritchie, Kristen Lynn, and Sophia Choi, for their free 4GB USB decorated with Korean print.

Another question again \^^/

Visit Korea :

‎[Plan Your Trip!]
We’ll now start to make a plan to tour Seoul, which has proved to be the location our FB friends here wanted to visit the most. Imagine you’ve just arrived in Seoul but started feeling hungry. As the saying goes, ‘Bread is better than the song of birds’, right? So… 
Today’s February Giveaway Question : What would you choose as your first meal in Korea? (You can also write specific names of the restaurants. )

My Answer : 

RAMYUN at seven eleven~ kkkk.. cheap, tasty, hot, what’s more? DELICIOUS :9

oh.. now i’m dilema whether ramyun or tteokboki :3 :9

I am the PERTAMAX \^^/ well, that’s indonesian slang for “first”, but actually that’s a type of oil with 92% octan. Don’t be confused 😛

The winners are….

not me again and again.. 😥 i’m going to die.. 😦 Congrats to hiks.. hiks.. Anh Nhat Tran, Nguyễn Thị Uyên Minh, Linda Liu, Oktavia Sidharta and Indri Widyanti for their free  4GB USB decorated with Korean print. hiks 😥

okay, don’t give up, venny (^9.^)9

The next Question . . .

Visit Korea :

‎[Plan Your Trip!]
Today’s February Giveaway Question : If you’re really interested in a certain place, following the trails of its history and tradition is also a must. So, how about a palace tour this time? 
There are five royal palaces in Seoul: Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, Deoksugung, and Jongmyo Shrine. What’s your choice and why? 
(We’ll get back to you next week. Have a great weekend, everyone! )

My Answer :

gyeongbokgung. because it’s the most famous palace in seoul and i think that palace is the most beautiful too… and of course because that palace near with other spot like cheonggyecheon stream, bukchon hanok village and samcheongdong walkway ^^

ouch, it’s a bit long time for the winners announcement. 4 days… everyday i checked it and finally they posted it \^^/ so the winners are….

not me agaaaaaiiinnnn :O arrgghhh.. 😡 Congrats to Amz Arwan Soethiono, Helene Marie, Courtney Locke, Petcu Anamaria, and Sherli KeeWidyantifor their art memo set with beautiful Korean patterns. 

So, i’m still waiting for my next question Fighting!! (^.^)9

Visit Korea :

[Plan Your Trip!]
Today’s February Giveaway Question : Imagine that there is sudden rain in your short travel schedule to Seoul. What will be a rainy day “travel schedule”so that your joy of travel won’t be affected by the bad weather? 
Three winners among those answering the question will be randomly chosen and presented with two free passes to Lotte World.

My Answer :

i will go to lotte world play in the indoor arena.. and then go to coex aquarium and coex mall the go to jimjjilbang.. i’ll call it indoor tour.. kkkk..

They posted the announcement post and the winners are.. (please include me.. please include me… AMEN.. (-/.\-) )

Okay, and the winners are… (please show my name……) NOT me again W0.0W

Congrats to Wong Pui Yee, Pamela Hunter, and Sim Yen congrats to them and their two free passes to Lotte World for each of them.

They already posted 5 questions, and already randomly choose 21 winners and all of them weren’t me W0.0W But thanks god there’s still 7 questions more \^^/

Visit Korea :

‎[Plan Your Trip!]
Today’s March Giveaway Question: Seoul, in particular, in Korea is called a city that never sleeps. That means there are many attractions you can enjoy at night. What is your recommended item for night life in Seoul?

My Answer :

 i can list it for 7 nights!! 
1. hongdae night life 
2. enjoying banpo bridge
3. enjoying view of seoul from n seoul tower
4. playing at lotte world~ kkk night’s price is cheaper \^^/
5. enjoying the lights in cheonggyecheon stream
6. have a cup of coffee at one of han river’s cafes
7. go to noraebang
8 go to jimjjilbang for relaxing

i gave u one bonus kkkk 😀

Okay, guys.. do you realized that that answer is the best of all of my answers? i think i do 😀 Don’t wait anymore.. let’s see the winners’s name \^^/ (oh god.. please bit them if they didnt type my name as a winner (-/.\-) AMEN )

AND I AM ONE OF THOSE 3 WINNERSSSSSS… CONGRATS TO ME \^^/ SIMON SIM \^^/ AND MELODY WONG \^^/ for our two free passes to Lotte World for each of us.. i’m happy for you, guys.. and for myself of course \^^/ i think God whispered them to type our (my) name as a winner since God didn’t want to bit them \^^/ oh God, you are my everything 😀

BUUUUUT… the story didn’t end yet.. did you read that valid date? WOTTT.. valid date? are you kidding me? this july? Geez… i’m not going to Korea this year :(( So, this presents are…. hiks.. disappear 😦

But, hey…. my business mid were worked that time.. why don’t i sell that tixs? for cheap price of course. I asked visitkorea whether i can “give” my tixs to my friend. and the said that i need to send them my friend’s address via email.

I was asking via facebook, twitter, asked my friend to RT my tweet, asked fandoms to RT my tweets and… there’s one reply.. wott? she want to have it.. for free~ are you kidding? i was answered so may questions and you just get it FREE? oh god.. i was asked 2 of my friends (Cindy and Kak Ary) and because of their condition, i think they’ll wont be able to have it. so, i sent an email to visit korea which the content of my email is :

Halo, Visit Korea ^^ i’m really sorry for bother you.. *bow* please forgive me for my inconsistent 😀 just send those free passes to my home mailing address :
Name               : Venny Angdreas
Phone Number  : (+62)8576250xxx
Address           : xxx
Email Address  : venny_bcep@yahoo.co.id
again, i’m really sorry.. i hope you won’t angry 😀 and i hope u will give me another gift 🙂

Dear Venny, 
Hello Venny, we’ve checked your email, and just want to reconfirm.
“i hope u will give me another gift” : Does this mean you want to receive other gifts instead of Lotte World free passes,
or do you just mean you hope to win again? 🙂 
Thanks in advance.
actually those words meant “i hope to win again”, but can i receive another gifts instead of lotte world free passes? 
If you are not able to use the Lotte World free passes during the designated period, 
here are some of the options we can offer.
1.    ‘ Korea Pass’ prepaid travel card (KRW50,000), which expires after 5 years.
2.     The Kimchi Chronicles (American TV series) : Official Book & Series DVD Set
3.     4GB USB + Art-memo set
We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Of course i choosed KOREA PASS because it expires after 5 years and because KRW 50.000  wkwkwkwkwkwk…  that’s amazing service from visit korea:D sorry visit korea, for these icons >> 😥   😦   :((   W0.0W   :O   😡   etc
I heart u, visit korea.
Thanks for the KOREA PASS prepaid travel card and 200++ discount coupons (5% off – 20% off) which can be used at SEOUL, BUSAN, JEJU, SOKCHO, GYEONGJU, and DAEGU. And of course for the brochure \^^/
For those who want to be like me, you can like “VISIT KOREA YEAR OFFICIAL FANPAGE” at Facebook. maybe you can get their free round-trip to Korea.
The Next Questions and the Gifts:
(-)Today’s March Giveaway Question: Your first day in Seoul is now over. Now, it’s time for you to rest. Where do you want to stay in? Any unique accommodations in mind?
art memo set with beautiful Korean patterns
(-)Seoul offers a wide array of performances year-round including traditional cultural performances, K-POP concerts, and non-verbal performances. What performance do you recommend (or want to see)?
K-POP CD of winner’s choice
(-)If someone plans to experience unique Korean culture different from their own, what attraction in Seoul do you think people should visit?
4GB USB decorated with beautiful Korean print
(-)Where do you think is the best photo spot in Seoul? We look forward to your brilliant answers. ^^
4GB USB decorated with beautiful Korean print
(-)Your travel in Korea is almost over. If you plan to shop in your remaining time, what items would be ideal for your purchase in what locations?
Korea Pass prepaid travel card which can be used until 2016
(-)This year is the final year of the Visit Korea Year campaign. 
What would be the main reason that you must visit (or want to visit) Korea in 2012? Give us your personal reasons.
Korea Pass prepaid travel card which can be used until 2016
Sorry if there’s no photo of my gift from visitkorea ^^
Source : Visit Korea Year Official Fanpage @ Facebook



  1. wow! congrats! The trip and itinerary was arranged by our school. I have no idea that that Mount is so famous. Only after I looked for it’s aerial shot on the internet that I discovered that it is indeed famous! ^^* I think you will enjoy Jeju-do. Have a happy and wonderful trip!

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